Holy places

Masjid al-Haram, the Great Mosque of Mecca

"As of 2024, the Great Mosque is both the largest mosque in the world, and the most expensive building in the world" -- wikipedia.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Priority request. "Services held at St Paul's have included the funerals of Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher" -- wikipedia.

Westminster Abbey, London

Calibrated at 790 [highest awareness] in Truth vs. Falsehood. The ADAP calibration also considers energy experience, i.e. the quality of the field encountered by visitors. Priority request.

Columbarium at St. Andrew's church, Sedona

The site of David R. Hawkins' relics.

Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Priority request. "Meteora was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988 because of the outstanding architecture and beauty of the complex, in addition to its religious and artistic significance" -- wikipedia.

Western Wall / Wailing Wall

Because of the Temple Mount entry restrictions, the Wall is the holiest place where Jews are permitted to pray outside the Temple Mount platform, as the presumed site of the Holy of Holies, the most sacred site in the Jewish faith, lies just above and behind it -- wikipedia.


Request: a spiritual hermitage or a monastery in Indian religions.

Lourdes (Sanctuary) France

Calibrated at 510 in Truth vs. Falsehood, it is a pilgrimage destination for seekers of miraculous healing.

Ellora Caves (religious site)

Request: a multi-religious rock-cut cave complex with inscriptions dating from the period 6th century CE onwards, located in the Aurangabad District of Maharashtra, India.

Medjugorje, as a spiritual center

"Since the [Marian] apparitions began in 1981, over 40 million people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed. Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted, have been converted and healed."

Tomb of Sri Aurobindo and Mirra

"Samadhi is a place and construction for keeping in peace the bodies of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It is located at the inner courtyard of the Ashram Main Building." Priority request.

Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona

Roman Catholic church "rated #1 of the 10 Best Attractions in Sedona." The construction supervisor was Fred Coukos, who built the chapel in 18 months at a cost of US$300,000. The chapel was completed in 1956. -- chapeloftheholycross.com

Lincoln Cathedral

Construction commenced in 1072 and continued in several phases throughout the High Middle Ages. Like many of the medieval cathedrals of England, it was built in the Early Gothic style --wikipedia

St. Nicholas Church, Hamburg

The bombing of Hamburg in World War II destroyed the bulk of the church. The removal of the rubble left only its crypt, its site and tall-spired tower, largely hollow save for a large set of bells. These ruins continue to serve as a memorial and an important architectural landmark. --wikipedia

Sagrada Família

cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, that was designed by Antonio Gaudí. Begun in 1882 and still unfinished -- britannica.com