The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence

Priority request. “I am doing now what I will do for all eternity. I am blessing God, praising Him, adoring Him, and loving Him with all my heart.”

Roman Breviary

Priority request. A liturgical book, it contains public or canonical prayers, hymns, the Psalms, readings, and notations for everyday use, especially by bishops, priests, and deacons in the Divine Office (i.e., at the canonical hours, the Christians' daily prayer) -- wikipedia.

The Space Between: The Point of Connection, by Harville Hendrix

"It is in understanding that there is a Space Between two people, and how those two people learn to care for the Space Between determines the quality of their relationship. And the quality of their relationship determines the quality of their lives"

Girls with Swords: How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero, by Lisa Bevere

A passionate call for Christian women to effectively "wield the sword" of their God-given feminine strength against any evil that threatens them and those they love -- amazon.

The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams

Priority request. "Williams investigates the science at the confluence of environment, mood, health, and creativity. Delving into completely new research, she uncovers the powers of the natural world to improve health, promote reflection and innovation, and ultimately strengthen our relationships"

The Seven Sacred Flames Hardcover, by Aurelia Louise Jones

Request: Hawkins talks about the rays in Nov. 2002 lecture God Transcendent and Immanent, and refers also to ACIM where they discuss it. I really wonder how truthful this book is, or is it Astral dead end?

Opening Up by Writing It Down, by James W. Pennebaker

"Expressing painful emotions is hard--yet it can actually improve our mental and physical health" -- amazon

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand

Priority request. "The novel's protagonist, Howard Roark, is an intransigent young architect who battles against conventional standards and refuses to compromise with an architectural establishment unwilling to accept innovation" -- wikipedia

How To Love Yourself, by Teal Swan

Request: previously published as Shadows Before Dawn. Is it legit? I know that Teal calibrates below 195, but maybe some of her stuff is worth something - what is its LoC?

The Belief Code, by Bradley Nelson

Priority request: a brand new therapeutic system, and a way for us to get to the heart of what we're really believing about ourselves and the world, and which is actually driving our behaviour and determining our results in life.

The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

Priority request. Set in the 12th century... the book traces the development of Gothic architecture out of the preceding Romanesque architecture, and the fortunes of the [fictional] Kingsbridge priory and village against the backdrop of historical events -- wikipedia

I Love this book, by Anthony D. Webber

Request: A book of 365 motivational quotes to uplift, empower, and inspire people.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introductory Programming Manual

"The [1986] manual outlines a plan to control the masses through manipulation of industry, education and politics, and to divert the public's attention from what is really going on. Surprisingly, it is claimed that much of what is outlined has come to pass" -- amazon

Angelic Origins of the Human Soul, by Tricia McCannon

Priority request. "Explains the six stages of Soul Evolution and the Nine Orders of Angels. Describes the many dimensions between the highest celestial realms and the lower Astral plane and the Genesis Matrix, our angelic place of origin" -- amazon.

The Heroine's Journey, by Maureen Murdock

Priority request: "Drawing on cultural myths and fairy tales, ancient symbols and goddesses, and the dreams of contemporary women, Murdock illustrates the need for—and the reality of—feminine values in Western culture" -- amazon