Shohei Otani (baseball)

Possibly the most talented baseball player of all time, both pitching and hitting at an elite level within the MLB for five years. With free agency, he's set to receive the largest contract in baseball history.

Charles Barkley

Request: [This former NBA player] strongly opposes the paying of college players. Contends it will further undermine integrity in college sports. (calling a spade a spade or blowhard?)

Tom Brady

Request: Most successful US football player and greatest longevity

Roger Federer retirement announcement (video)

heart warming and gracious --request

Alex Honnold

professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America’s biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world --his website

Novak Djokovic

Personal LoC and social impact. Tennis' current #1 player, and arguably the greatest in history, is being detained ahead of the Australian Open for not being vaccinated. --wikipedia.

Muhammad Ali

Legendary boxer. "I am the greatest!" was his catchphrase.

Tiger Woods

Social impact of "arguably [the] greatest golfer of all time, transcending the division of race through the game of golf" --by request

LeBron James

Calibrated for social impact, as a basketball player and overall. He is "considered one of the greatest NBA players in history" --wikipedia

Roger Federer

Calibrated as a tennis player (public) and overall (paid-subscriber access)

Serena Williams

Calibrated as a tennis player (public) and overall (paid-subscriber access)

Reinhold Messner

"He made the first solo ascent of Mount Everest and, along with Peter Habeler, the first ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen. He was the first climber to ascend all fourteen peaks over 8,000 metres above sea level." --Wikipedia