Arts & Humanities

Vastu Shastra

traditional Indian system of architecture based on ancient texts that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry --wikipedia


the analysis of handwriting with attempt to determine someone's personality traits --wikipedia

"All the world's a stage..."

...And all the men and women merely players / They have their exits and their entrances / And one man in his time plays many parts --Shakespeare's "As You Like It"

historic recurrence (concept)

i.e. "history always repeats itself"

Leonardo da Vinci

His creative works are at 565 in TvF.

broken windows theory

states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes --wikipedia

Nobel Minds 2022

The 2022 laureates in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and economic sciences talk to Zeinab Badawi and students in the audience at the Royal Palace in Stockholm about their discoveries and achievements, and how these might find a practical application --YouTube

statement: the meaning of life is life itself

Calibration of statement and related article on Psychology Today.


a lack of the ability to read and write

homo spiritus

An emerging new species of man


"a philosophical view where all events are determined completely by previously existing causes." -- Wikipedia

Erich Fromm

German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist... associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory --wikipedia

the common good

refers to either what is shared and beneficial for all or most members of a given community --wikipedia

spoken word

a "catchall" term that includes any kind of poetry recited aloud, including poetry readings, poetry slams, jazz poetry, and hip hop music, and can include comedy routines and prose monologues --wikipedia

Freudian slips

Classical examples involve slips of the tongue, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces misreadings, mishearings, mistypings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects --wikipedia