Corporal Wojtek (bear)

Request: A brown bear that was trained by soldiers and even helped fight on the front lines. A stranger than fiction story and I’m curious if the bear may calibrate at a higher than normal level of what bears typically calibrate at.

angels can take the form of dogs?

Request: We recently lost our dog who seemed able to find people who had recently lost a beloved pet. She also brought great joy to our lives as many pets do.

love for animals

Request: Pets yes, but really all creatures big and small. This seems to be a unique kind of love because there are people who love animals yet don't love other people or themselves. Notably, Doc said he prayed for the animal kingdom every day.

bats (animal)

“a small animal like a mouse with wings that flies at night” — Cambridge dictionary

Lakshimi the "enlightened" cow

Osho told the story of the cow who never missed one of Ramana Maharshi's darshans. See link. Was the cow enlightened?

Koko the gorilla

became an international celebrity with a vocabulary of more than 1,000 signs and the ability to understand 2,000 words of spoken English -- nationalgeographic. In TvF, Koko is calibrated at 405. This seems to be due to the field in which she lived (405 is a source calibration).

capybara (rodent)

"a South American mammal that resembles a giant long-legged guinea pig. It lives in groups near water and is the largest living rodent" -- Google dictionary

T/F: dolphins are more advanced than humans

Request: According to hypnosis sessions that Dolores Cannon had performed, she discovered, through engaging with her clients' subconsciousness, that a soul can only reincarnate into dolphins and whales after they have mastered being human.


They usually feed on the ground and eat almost anything—typically earthworms, insects and other small animals, seeds, and fruit; also garbage, carrion, and chicks they rob from nests

T/F: dogs can sense a psychopath

Dogs have unique and heightened senses that may help us identify good and bad people. Moreover, Dogs can even reveal a psychopath upon meeting one!


"a small nectar-feeding tropical American bird that is able to hover and fly backward, typically having colorful iridescent plumage" -- Google dictionary

sloth (animal)

Sloths are so named because of their very low metabolism and deliberate movements... Their slowness permits their low-energy diet of leaves and avoids detection by predatory hawks and cats that hunt by sight --wikipedia

Guinea pig

Domesticated rodent from South America

keeping birds in cages

We love birds for their colour and singing, but all of us have to put them in a cage or a room, is that a bad thing ? --request

sea turtles

Reptiles are at 40 in TvF. The alligator and snake are each at 45 (TvF).