survival behaviors

survival behaviors

Fight, flight, fawn, feign, freeze...
survival behaviors

They are not all fear responses. Actually, only "flight" is.

fit in 175

Be part of the pack. Guaranteed community if you adopt the signals, whether it's in the clothes you wear, the language you use, or the causes you support. The yang expression is "fiat," that is, to make the rules.

fight 150

Also, "follow" as a survival strategy is at 150. Join us or die! (yikes)

feign 125

Pretend to be something you're not, e.g. injured, innocent, illustrious, interested or benevolent. "Fleece," to deprive of rights, assets or information, is the yang corollary.

flight 100

The calibration of so many birds. They fly away from danger. The yang corollary is "frighten," as to control with fear.

fawn 75

"Avoid conflict and trauma via appeasing behaviors." Internet porn at 75 is an atavistic example of human fawning. The yang corollary is "foist."

freeze 50

If you aren't moving, maybe you're not prey? Also, to hide is at 50 as a survival strategy when faced with yang, "feral" energy.

fury 30

Enough energy to destroy but not enough to care, so it's not really a survival behavior. The yin corollary is "fault."

frenzy 20

Life and living is valued negatively. The yin corollary is "forbidden."

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