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About the Database

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A rare capacity, a unique offering

Consciousness calibration turns out to be a rare capacity. Although anyone with integrity is qualified, "at calibration 200, there is still a thirty-percent chance of error," according to the appendix in Truth vs. Falsehood, 2005 (TvF). I would suggest at least a 30% chance of error--all the way up to 51%. Such a range would be consistent with 200 as the beginning of the capacity to calibrate.

The 400s and up are mentioned in TvF as being the most accurate (see quote, below), but how accurate is not mentioned. Let's say it's up to 91% accurate, or, in other words, LoC 500 is at least 91% accurate. This is borne out by calibration. At the same time, only 4% of mankind is over 500 (TvF and Power vs. Force, 2012). Evidently, then, one in 25 people in the world are "most accurate," assuming they all know about calibration and practice it.

But of course, we can't assume that. What percent of the 4% over 500 have heard of consciousness calibration? Of those, what percent have taken up consciousness calibration as a consistent, spiritual practice and lifestyle? Hint: it's already a vanishingly small number. Of those, how many publish a searchable database of their results? It seems to me there is only one such database--this one! One in the whole world? Apparently, yes! (as of this writing).

Consciousness calibration: beginnings

The consciousness calibration database is the culmination of nine years of intense dedication and near constant practice amounting to over 30,000 tests. When it comes to cultivating a capacity at a high level, repetition and replication of results matter. The database contains what has been tested from the beginning of 2020, which is when conditions were supportive of starting a publicly available, online project. From then, work has been continuous, effortless and seemingly with a life of its own.

Consciousness calibration protocol

For the purpose of calibration, "level of consciousness" (LoC) is held as subjective reality. This is a straightforward protocol and consistent with Dr. Hawkins' work. Past protocols included truth, love, energy, critical factor, heart, or essence as LoC, each yielding "proprietary" results not strictly comparable to Dr. Hawkins' results. With the evolution of the protocol--what LoC is held to be--conditions were met to start a public database.

As an aside, the various discrepancies in calibration results among students of Dr. Hawkins can be explained as differences in protocol. While it matters what LoC is held to be, you can only hold it as you are.  Therefore calibration accuracy is a matter of spiritual evolution. TvF says "accuracy increases with the level of consciousness (The 400s and above are the most accurate.)" Appendix C.

The status of consciousness calibration database

There are currently thousands of calibration results, the world's largest collection of post-Hawkins' calibrations. In fact, it is a larger online collection than what is publicly available from Dr. Hawkins. With the search function, you can find a variety of results in dozens of categories. Updated with new results almost daily, the database continues to expand.

The present calibration of the results in the database is in the high 500s, evidently, with 98.5% accuracy, according to my test of it. Thus, it's not perfect. That's an ongoing process. Early results are regularly retested and occasionally revised, which supports a more accurate database. Such revisions are usually a matter of 15-20 points. Accuracy calls for replication of results within ten points.

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