Requested calibrations available in TvF or RSMM
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Requested calibrations available in TvF or RSMM

See Truth vs. Falsehood, 2005 and Reality, Subjectivity and Modern Man, 2008.

Rumi (spiritual teacher) 550

Alan Watts (spiritual teacher) 485

“Greenhouse gas” earth-warming theory: False
Earth is warming due to pollution: False

Lord of the Rings (movie) 350

Cursing (using Lord's name in vain) 45
Damning other people to hell 15

Bearing false witness 60

Rasputin 120

Star Children (Ideology) 145
Star People (Ideology) 160
Starseed Family (Ideology) 145
"The world of pseudospiritual fantasy also produces the imaginings of ‘Indigo’ children, star children, star families, star people, fifth-dimension incoming messengers of the future, etc. Common to all of these is a sense of uniqueness; magic; romanticized, naïve, imaginative fantasy; and the attraction of ‘specialness’ itself." (TvF)

Kundalini yoga 510

Vedas 970

Astrology 210-405

Shanti Shanti Shanti 650

Om Mane Padme Hum 700

Shroud of Turin real? No

Japa 515 (Japamala)

Art of Rubens 510
Art of Vermeer 515

Numerology 210 (such as "Angel numbers")

Morphic Resonance 460
Morphogenetic Fields (Sheldrake) 460

Collective Unconscious (Jung) 455

Quantum Mechanics 460

New Testament (King James Version after deletion of the Book of Revelation) 790
New Testament (King James Version from the Greek) 640

humility 270

“End Justifies the Means” 120

Astrology 210-405

prostitution 140

smudging 520

Poonjai-Ji 520 (Book of Slides)

Rocky (1976), movie 265

Tesla, Nicola 460

Joseph Smith, Jr. 510

Tuskegee Air Squadron 465

Rebirthing 250 (breathwork)

Sergei Rachmaninoff (music) 490

Andrea Bocelli (music) 550

Upanishads 970

dogs 245

sex 250

Mona Lisa, The 499

Reiki 340

“Parallel Universe” Theory, False

King James Bible (from the Greek) 475
Lamsa Bible (from Aramaic) 495

Koran 700

Dhammapada 840

Gorbachev, Mikhail 500 (also 500 for social impact)

Vladimir Lenin 70 or 80 (both numbers in TvF)

Joseph Stalin 70 or 90 (both numbers in TvF)

Sharia (Islamic) law 190 (RSMM)

Sleepless in Seattle (1993) 350

Body-Building Fixation 185

Boxing 180

chess game 415