Mandatory vaccination and Covid-passport in France

Mandatory vaccination and Covid-passport in France

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This push spearheaded by President Macron lacks integrity as it seeks a false goal using force. Macron asserted that infections from the Delta variant of Covid are on the rise in France, but by calibration, that is false. Note that "cases" as determined by PCR tests and "infections" are not the same thing. This has been the problem with PCR tests from the beginning: they have nothing to do with ascertaining infection (cal. 450).

Certainly we don't like being forced, even to do something harmlessand the Covid vaccines appear to be harmless, by my test. Mandatory Covid vaccination is the "nanny" state hyperventilating, treating adults like children. As informed citizens, we may understand this push to vaccinate is misguided and misinformed, but will we avoid a harmless vaccine simply because it is forced on us?

I think it is best to contextualize this particular government overreach as due to a lack of reality-testing. They overreact and use force because they don't know what is real. In fact, if they are under-200, they cannot know what is real. Then it is up to the citizen "children" to humor government nannies, because, for better or for worse, these nannies have the power to deny privileges.

The alternative is to resist this particular government overreach, even though what they are asking is evidently without cost to you (unless you super hold in mind that it will cost you and attract to yourself weird side-effects). Think of the ego payoffs involvedthe ego wants to be a victim, because it demonstrates, as far as the ego is concerned, the government is wrong. Well, yes, they are wrong. We see that with the calibration. But there's no point in suffering about it.

Indulging in ego emotionality by playing victim to the French government's latest application of force does not change the situation. Life does not get better for you by resisting, though rebellion has an immediate, adolescent appeal. Doc taught that all suffering is due to resistance. Jesus taught "resist not evil." Rather, we should stand for truth.

As far as I can tell, the vaccine is true, even if so many other things about Covid are false. To this end, I got the one-dose J&J vaccine two months ago. The point was to be able to travel. As it turns out, it appears I will also be able to go to a restaurant in France, should the opportunity present itself.

If you decide to not juice government oppression, then all the karma of it—which is demonstrably negative—falls to the perpetrator. This is how spiritual revolution works, but it takes time. Instead of being a protagonist (cal, 190, TvF) seeking immediate results, you surrender the world to God. In due time, by foregoing physical, emotional, and intellectual ego indulgences, karma makes the correction. In the meantime, you are at peace.

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