mantra: I let in the Holy Spirit

request: helpful to get over “insurmountable” obstacles.

divine intervention

"The mechanism for salvation is via the will, which invites the intervention of Divinity" -- Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

larger than life

"describes someone or something that is exceptionally impressive, remarkable, or memorable, often in a way that seems almost too good or grand to be true" -- Brave AI.

level: with understanding, forgiveness ensues

Request: From the Eye of the I. Is understanding the key to forgiveness?

statement: there are demons that weaponize truth

Priority request: i.e. truth without love.

contexts below 200 exclude God

Priority request: so it might feel like "God is not there."

level: not fearing anything in consciousness

Request: Including fear itself.

correlation between level of consciousness and happiness

Request: At what level do they correlate?

calling out for God or Christ but feeling no one's there

Request: I feel this way sometimes and it can be quite crushing.

spiritual energy suppression

Priority request: seems to be one of the main ways we make ourselves suffer.

statement: you are only responsible for your intentions

By level 450, one has already assumed full responsibility for his focus of awareness, energy quality, and the cultivation of reality testing capability.


"The Luciferic energy’s primary tool is distortion of truth. Thus, it is directed at the mind and relies on false promises and half-truths" -- I:RS.

awareness plus intention is curative

High focus (awareness) with high intention (power of context) processes out all blocks.

statement: no sin is possible

Love doesn't perceive sin. Priority request.

being a karmic wind-up toy

request: at what level does this occur?