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Donald Trump

Personal calibration, his presidency and his tweets. [Paid-subscriber access]

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Wells Fargo

ranked 41st on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the US --wikipedia

Countries, May 2021

In democracies, calibrations change after elections as officials make their mark on law, society and culture. Sort the list by name or LoC.

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Currently with over 300 members devoted to the work of Dr. Hawkins, Consciousness Calibrations Community offers many channels of spiritual interest.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Personal LoC and as a Supreme Court justice.

Harvey Weinstein

Film mogul's personal calibration.

Jeffrey Epstein

American financier and convicted sex offender. --Wikipedia

John Podesta

White House Chief of Staff during Clinton administration (1998-2001) and Counselor to President Obama (2014-15).

Ghislaine Maxwell

Recently arrested heiress and associate of notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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Barack Obama

3 calibrations of a former POTUS, including his presidency [paid-subscriber access]

Jim Carrey

3 calibrations, including personal LoC and kundalini (personal energy). [Paid-subscriber access]

Bernie Sanders

3 calibrations: personal LoC, political platform and social impact [paid-subscriber access]