David R. Hawkins defined truth as "(1) content, (2) the point of observation, plus (3) the influence of intention, and (4) context, which again reflects (5) a paradigm (meaning)" in Truth vs. Falsehood, 2005.

Dr. Hawkins' definition of truth provides a standard that all consciousness calibrators can hold in mind. Applying it consistently as a community, we can arrive at results that use the same baseline.

Thus, one tests for the level of truth where all of these are intact. That is the lowest result, if you were to calibrate all five factors individually--the level where power is available to all factors.

Ideally, we do one test that incorporates all of the factors at once. Think of it as finding the level at which all five cylinders of an engine are firing. Therein lies subjective reality and radical self-honesty. No factor is ignored.

Then, observing the usual protocols, you'll get results that compare well to Dr. Hawkins' results.