Coronavirus calibrations
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Coronavirus calibrations

17 calibrations of news coverage, quarantine, herd immunity, WHO/CDC positions, computer models, US government spending, etc.

virus, LoC zero (TvF). It lacks subjectivity.

Coronavirus, social impact, 105.
Social distancing, LoC 200.
Effective or not depending in application.
Herd immunity, concept, LoC 440.

Quarantine of society, 190.
Level of inept. Does more harm than good, which is becoming increasingly obvious.
Selective quarantine, 245.

Imperial College of London presentation of a computer model predicting two million+ deaths in the USA without immediate, radical quarantines, LoC 195.
Level of irresponsibility.
The computer model used, LoC 180.
Level of intellectual pride.

News media (US), position on coronavirus, LoC 195
Level of irresponsibility and profiteering.
News reporting on coronavirus, US only, LoC 210.
While the reporting is truthful overall, the virus is held as an opportunity for gain which comes at the expense of society.

News media (except US), position on coronavirus, LoC 200.
Depends on news outlet.
News reporting on coronavirus, worldwide, LoC 225.
The difficulty with low-200's reporting is that it is true in a specific or limited context yet to the lower mind implies universal applicability.

World Health Organization (WHO), position on coronavirus, LoC 196.
This early failure of leadership set the stage for a global crisis.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC), position on coronavirus, LoC 198
Level of leadership by data or polling.
Early position: LoC 196
Level of CYA, cover your ass.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (US), position on coronavirus, LoC 200.
A medical position, rather than a bureaucratic one, would be nice!

Pres. Trump, position on coronavirus, LoC 215.
Polls show 60% approval of Trump's handling of the situation.

US Government coronavirus spending bill, LoC 190.
Level of inept and opportunism. Apparently a pork-barrel omnibus with politically-motivated spending unrelated to coronavirus.